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    Akil Khan

Akil Khan

Akil Khan - Managing Partner & Founder of Legal Law Firms

"Akil Khan completed his LL.B. from Jamia Millia Islamia (2009 batch) and also holds a degree in B.A. (Honours) Economics from University of Delhi. As a law student, he actively participated in moot court competitions and legal writing competitions".

His key areas of practice include:

Litigation - International Trade & Disputes; Arbitration; Recovery; Consumer Rights

Corporate Services - In bound & Outbound Investments ; Incorporation & Setting up of businesses in India ; Mergers & Acquisitions & Joint Ventures; Franchising & Licensing; Corporate Banking & Commercial Services; Equities & Financial Services & Insurance

Intellectual Property Rights - Trademark, Service mark, Copyright, Infringement & Patent.

Family Law - Special Marriage, Child Custody, Divorce, Will &Trust & Estate.

Immigration Into India - PIO / OCI card; Citizenship & long term visa; Work permit & business visa

Taxation Income Tax, VAT, Excise & Custom - Legal Law Firms Saket have a Pan India Practice and partnerships with Law Firms across different States including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar Many More. Akil KhanAkil Khan is the Managing Director of Legal Law Firms. He is actively involved in various cases sponsored by Individual parties. He has vast experience client counseling and client handling.


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